Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone

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  • SHARPEN LIKE A PRO: You don’t have to be a kitchen whiz to want sharp, good quality knives. But once you get your hands on a professional double-sided 1000 x 6000 grit>sharpening stone set>, you’ll feel like one. Bring all your blades back to new, from cleavers to axes to scissors, and of course, your everyday kitchen knives.
  • EXPERT ANGLING: Positioning and passing the knife correctly takes skill and precision. Any error can damage the blade. Most >whetstone knife sharpener>kits include an angle guide but it doesn’t fit small knives. That’s why we included 2 in this set. One for large knives, and one for small knives.
  • NO SLIP-UPS: When you’re handling sharp blades stability is everything, don’t settle for basic parts. A grippy silicone base holds the >sharpening stone>in place and secures it to a sturdywater resistant base. It stays safely anchored to your countertop for total control. And unlike wood and bamboo, it won’t mold.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR PURCHASE: Buying a >whetstone knife sharpener>isn’t complete without essential accessories. Everything you need to restore your knives to their sharpest edge is included in your purchase, plus a bonus e-book with helpful tips.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: You don’t want to take chances with your knives or your money. That’s why we offer our Sharp Start Guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with your Priority Chef >whetstone knife sharpening kit>, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.


Whether you’re a pro, an aspiring chef, or you just want easier times in the kitchen, you need the right tools. But there’s a catch––the right tools need the right tools. Just like an espresso maker needs regular cleaning to make a good brew, your knives need regular sharpening, and that requires a high-quality sharpening stone––and more.

But before you rush to the checkout, do your research so you know what you’re buying and why. There’s a reason why Priority Chef is one of the best whetstone kits on the market.



  • 2-sided whetstone (1000 x 6000 grit)
  • 2 angle guides for large and small knives
  • 1 flattening stone to keep your whetstone level
  • 1 level 5 cut resistant safety glove + full instructions
  • FREE BONUS e-book with tips on how to sharpening effectively


The list is endless. Priority Chef whetstone enhances every type of straight-edge blade, including axes, scissors, chisels, and all your kitchen knives.


Whetstones wear out when they’re not properly cared for. That’s why we included the 2 angle guides and the flattening stone. Whetstones usually wear down in the middle, making the surface uneven. Use the included flattening stone to keep it level and primed to sharpen.

If this premium whetstone doesn’t give you sharper knives, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund under our Sharp Start Guarantee.