Whetstone, Knife Sharpener Stone, 240/1000 grit

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  • WANT A PROFESSIONAL SHARP KNIFE EDGE WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED IT? - No more trips to the hardware store and waiting for your knife to be sharpened, the PriorityChef double sided whetstone gives you that professional edge in the comfort of your home.
  • DOUBLE SIDED, COARSE AND FINE GRIT FOR THE PERFECT FINISH - The whetstone offers a coarse 240 grit for shaping your knife just the way you want it. Turn the whetstone over and you have a smooth, 1000 grit stone that will polish and hone your knife edge giving you a better than new sharpness!
  • WORRIED ABOUT INJURY? - NO NEED! The PriorityChef whetstone sharpener's non slip base [INCLUDED FREE OF CHARGE] won't slide off the counter or move around. It offers a quality non slip base allowing you to sharpen safely and securely.
  • DURABLE and RELIABLE - An uncompromising build quality means our whetstone sharpener is built to last. Don't settle for anything less than highest quality for your knives, scissors, tools and cutting utensils.
  • NO HASSLE, 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you're unhappy with your PriorityChef two-Sided Whetstone Sharpener, contact us within 30 days and we'll replace it or give you 100 percent of your money back, no questions asked.


Of course you do, that's why we created the PriorityChef Whetstone range!

Create the sharpest knives with a high-quality, double-sided whetstone specifically designed to sharpen and hone your knives, scissors, tools and any other equipment that you need a sharp edge too.

Frustration at Dinner Time?

Cutting or preparing food is a downright chore when your knife is dull. But when you're knife is razor sharp, you can cut through meat, tendon and even bone as if it were butter. The Priority Chef Two-Sided Whetstone Sharpener was created to help you in the kitchen by making food preparation, as well as eating, easier and more enjoyable.

Featuring a double-sided sharpening surface, our whetstone sharpener is ideal for removing burs, dull edges or grind marks and creating a highly-tuned and polished edge. In fact, our whetstone is far superior other oil stones on the market because of this dual-sided action.

Here are just a few more of its amazing features:

  • A coarse, 240 grit for shaping your knife edge and removing any previous burrs or imperfections
  • A fine 1000 grit for honing and creating your razor sharp finish
  • Includes a non-slip bottom for safe usage
  • Can sharpen almost any straight edge cutting tool - kitchen knives, hunting knives, scissors, shears, garden tools etc etc
  • Long lasting whetstone and extremely durable
  • And much more!

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