Compost Bin, Stainless Steel With Silicone Handles and Odor Preventing Filter

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Effective, Easy To Use & Professional- The Compost Bin Every Household Should Own!

Do you buy food and after you consume the most of it start thinking what you should do with the waste?

Wouldn't it be great if you could get rid of all the leftovers and create a fertilizer for your lovely garden?

If you are a gardener, a mum or just a person that loves helping the environment, then you should definitely try our Priority Chef compost bin.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY- Indoor compost pails are widely used from people that care deeply about the environment. When the food waste is being processed, the greenhouse gas emissions like methane are avoided. This way the environment doesn't receive harmful toxics for the eco-system.
  • SUPER CONVENIENT- Our counter composter can be used instead of a regular bin and will facilitate your life. It will help you distinguish any recyclable waste like plastic so you can throw it in the appropriate bin.
  • VERY STYLISH- The Priority Chef metal compost bin has silicone handles and a brushed finished satin on the inside as well as on the outside. The appearance can be deceiving for anyone visiting you because it looks like a normal bucket!
  • ODOR FREE- Thanks to the double filtration system no matter the variety of foods you throw to our eco compost bin, it will never smell. This way, even if your leftovers are a few days old no one will ever notice.
  • FITS EVERYWHERE- The small compost pail fits on the counter, under the sink and even in a large cupboard. You won't have to acquire a large space for your waste anymore and if you own a pet you can hide the bin wherever you want!

Want To Know Why This Is The Best Compost Pail Money Can Buy? Check Out:

- Our home composter features soft silicone handles so that you can grab the bin without it slipping off your hands and making a mess.
- Thanks to the double filtration system, our kitchen compost pail will function properly lacking the odors that usually come with the waste!
- Priority Chef food composter will fit on any worktop and due to the small size of it, you can easily hide it in case you need to.
- The brushed satin finish of our indoor composter will not only look stylish, but will also motivate your friend to recycle!
- The main benefit of a food waste processor is the eco-friendly nature of it, not just for the environment but for your household too!

Clean your house from food waste by creating something nourishing for your garden.

Don't ever again, let the nasty smell in the kitchen deprive you from cooking.

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