PriorityChef Kitchen Utensil Holder

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  • ROOM FOR EVERYONE: An attractive and functional kitchen utensil holder that accommodates all your basic go-to cooking tools and much more. With a uniform top-to-bottom cylindrical design, this utensil jar holds 15+ utensils in apple-pie order. 
  • EASY ACCESS: End all spats with the spatula. This extra large utensil holder for countertop is the ideal kitchen tool holder for avid cooks. Whip out a whisk or snatch up a spoon without facing a traffic jam of tangled utensils. 
  • STAND-UP DESIGN: 5 stars for stability––even a rolling pin won’t cause it to tip over. This weighted ceramic utensil crock and solid spatula holder for counter accommodates wooden, plastic, steel, and marble cooking utensils with solid integrity. 
  • COUNTERTOP APPEAL: Functionality is key, but you want it to look the part. Most kitchen utensil holders for countertop storage are a bit boring. This French-inspired utensils holder in whipped-cream white features recessed lettering and charms any kitchen with simple elegance. 
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you don’t appreciate having quick access to organized utensils, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund on your cooking utensil holder. BUY NOW with our Kitchen-Rescue Guarantee. 


Unjumble the mess of multiple kitchen utensils and put them where you can see them. Those whisks, ladles, spoons, and spatulas can cohabitate in harmony, they just need the right kitchen tool caddy. Ones that have a large base but narrow opening are ineffective and frustrating to use. Similarly, a kitchen utensils holder with a wide opening and slender base tips over easily. 

At Priority Chef, we solved the problem with a large, weighted, and spacious cooking utensils holder that achieves the gold standard for functionality and simple, blend-inable style. Its uniform shape takes the frustration out of retrieval, because when you’re in a cooking frenzy, easy access is a priority. 


  • 6" diameter x 6.75" height 
  • Spacious cylindrical design 
  • Pearl-white with light-gloss finish 
  • Recessed lettering features “utensils” 
  • Weighted ceramic for superior stability 
  • Hand wash & polish with a soft cloth to maintain appearance 


Uniformity pairs well with function, not style. Each kitchen holder we make achieves those slight imperfections that contribute to its uniqueness and charm and make your kitchen a home. We guarantee the shape, size, and color so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you want. 


Glazed ceramic attracts fingerprints and requires gentle handling. We recommend hand washing your utensil caddy regularly followed by a light polish with a soft cloth to maintain its beauty and shine. Depending on their size, limit the number of utensils to 16 or 17 to avoid cramming and risking the integrity of the ceramic. 

Our Kitchen-Rescue Guarantee protects your purchase. If you’re not satisfied with your kitchen spoon holder, let us know and we’ll provide a full refund, no questions. BUY NOW and end the mess of disordered utensils.